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My first massage was in 2008 after a car accident that resulted in whiplash, leaving me with severe back and neck pain. It only takes one massage to get hooked, and I did! I received extensive treatment massage and then continued to receive massage to maintain healthy, pain-free muscles. I soon began to get relaxation massages and spa treatments. With each new style and therapist I became more and more interested in Massage. I had never felt so good in my life!

    Before I had experienced massage, over-the-counter and prescription drugs were the only way I knew to reduce pain. After my exposure to Massage Therapy I began to ask myself a lot of questions about pain and health care. I started to make connections between lifestyle choices to naturally heal my body versus pain medication to mask symptoms which never seemed to truly go away.

    I decided I needed to be a part of the holistic healthcare world. I wanted to show people that there is an alternative to drugs and a way to keep their muscles healthy so they can keep an active lifestyle. After my training as a Massage Therapist, I worked with chiropractors over the course of four years and helped guide many patients towards healthier lifestyles.

    After being an active Massage Therapist in North Kitsap for several years I decided to forge my own path and build my own practice, fulfilling my dream of being a small business owner. I now own and operate my own massage business in downtown Poulsbo, Staycation Massage. The goal of Staycation Massage is to provide a stress-eliminating environment where each individual can receive a personalized massage based on their individual needs.

    I would love the opportunity to introduce you to massage and all the benefits it can bring to your daily life. And if you have already experienced massage I would be pleased to introduce you to my massage and create an experience tailored to your needs.

Some of my other passions include coffee, camping, playing fetch with my two canine companions, going to the beach, hiking, horses and relaxing with a glass of wine and old friends.